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Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv-Yafo has always been a major port of Eretz Yisrael, and specifically the main physical and spiritual “namal” for Yerushalayim. Since ancient days, when Shlomo HaMelech brought in the foundations of the Beit Hamikdash through our holy port city, Tel Aviv-Yafo has been both a literal and figural lighthouse and gateway for the Jewish People to connect to the Land of Israel. Rashi posited that the entire reason for Galut was to ensure that the Jewish People brought the sparks of holiness that were spread around the globe to the Land of Israel, for its and our benefit. As it was in antiquity, Tel Aviv is again the first touch-point for the best of the international arena to enter our Land. Tel Aviv is where Rav Kook initially settled in the Land and became its first Chief Rabbi. The former Belzer Rebbe famously called the city, “Tel Aviv Ir HaKodesh”. Our goal is to recognize the unique place that Tel Aviv-Yafo has in Jewish History, to learn how to tap into that power so we can know how to better our People today, using the gifts that this city has to offer, as a lighthouse, and as a gateway.

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